It’s been quite a while I have tried something interesting. I haven’t tried to do anything with CSS and JS for a very long time. When checking the internet I have come through a cool little animation in the shoe selling website. So I have tried to implement that with the little knowledge I have with CSS and JS. Source view and the developer console of the Chrome browser does help me a lot to create this. Pelase refer Link for the demo.

I haven’t used any javascript plugins when creating this small demo. There might be very easy solutions to achieve this with the number of javascript libraries available. The following is the source code of this small HTML animation.

Source Code

Hope you will check this and enjoy. Happy coding :)

Recently, I have heard about this Buzz word alongside the API management. Therefore the past few days, I have read about this and it is quite an interesting thing to discuss.

Before discussing what is gRPC, let’s try to discuss what is the problems encountering with the modern application development…

Shanaka Sandanayaka

Software Engineer, WSO2 inc. | SLIIT

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